Todd Chrisley’s Lawyer Responded To Gay Affair Rumors In Closing Arguments As Reality Star’s Bank Fraud Trial Wrapped

There are a lot of celebrity cases that have been playing out in court in recent weeks from Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s defamation trial to Josh Duggar’s sentencing. Among these was the Chrisley bank fraud trial, which came with a slew of allegations, including alleged overspending and a gay love affair. One week after Todd Chrisley’s former business partner alleged he’d been involved with the Chrisley Knows Best star, his lawyer responded to the rumors during closing arguments. 

What Todd Chrisley’s Former Partner Said About Their Relationship In Court

In order to get to what was said during closing arguments, we first really need to dive into the courts over a week ago, when Mark Braddock, a former business partner of Todd Chrisley’s spoke out in court. Braddock said on the stand that he and Chrisley had an affair together and even paid off a blackmailer who allegedly was going to publicly rat them out. For Chrisley’s part in things, his lawyer said in opening statements that Braddock had been “obsessed” with the reality star and had lied about things, even perjuring himself.

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