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CHENNAI: Young people today are looking for partners who care about the environment and its wellbeing, says a survey done by dating app QuackQuack on World Environment Day. The survey was done among users from tier 1 and tier 2 cities to understand the relevance of the environment in dating life.
According to it, the extreme heat and the striking climate change have been a conversation starter this summer. About 18% of the users from Delhi and Chennai commented that the menacing heat managed to make its way into conversation with their match. 2% of these people admitted refusing to go on dates due to the awful heat waves.
21% people from tier 1 cities aged between 18 and 24 mentioned that being environmentally woke is a coveted and desirable attribute when looking for matches. It shows you are not only aware of the climate emergency but also care. Their match being a nature lover is a big turn-on for the new generation of daters. If you are someone who consciously use non-disposable water bottles and is careful not to litter or always carry a reusable bag while shopping, you might as well be the most preferred match for these climate-conscious daters.
“Over the years, we are seeing a rise in the number of people who care about the environment and that might be our saving grace from this ever-rising climate crisis. Naturally, more and more daters are looking for the same quality in their matches, making climate-conscious and sustainable people a hot commodity in the online dating world,” said QuackQuack’s founder and CEO, Ravi Mittal.
Eco-friendly dates are trending among the ecologically sound daters. From volunteering in clean-up programmes like beach clean-ups to going on bicycle rides instead of long drives to reduce air pollution, the sustainable GenZ daters are taking concrete steps to protect the environment and create a better and cleaner world.
Daters from tier 1 cities aged between 25 and 30 also said that while environmental issues don’t always find a place in conversations with their matches, dating someone ignorant about climate changes and like issues is out of the question. They also prefer to steer clear of people who still believe climate change is made-up.
According to the survey, 11% of the users from Himachal and Pune revealed that they like to filter out people based on their stance on climate change and environmental crises. They said that it is better to be mindful of the person’s outlook before matching and avoid future conflict.
Also, if your date mirrors the same beliefs as you, the chances of falling in love are more. There will be just a lot more to talk about and learn from each other.
However, 12% of daters from tier 2 cities said that mentioning that you care about the environment and are conscious about climate change in your dating profile seems like clout-seeking and trying too hard to impress potential matches. In a world where everyone is competing to be more progressive, mentioning words like go green and eco-friendly in your dating profile appears like you are trying hard to move ahead in the race.

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