‘Do not sext’ – Liveline listeners explain online dating to Joe Duffy

Liveline listeners explained the world of online dating to Joe Duffy in a thrilling episode of the RTE Radio One programme.

In a week full of airport complaints and Mother Teresa debates, Joe turned his attention to the world of online dating.

Listeners from all over the country spoke to Joe about their experiences of love, heartache and friendship that began through their phone.

Liveline listeners explained the world of online dating to Joe Duffy in a thrilling episode of the RTE Radio One programme.. Pic: RTE

One woman named Kate said her one tip for women entering online dating is to avoid the sexting trend.

‘I have one tip to give out to the ladies and it is do not sext. Just refuse to go there. Do not get into this sexting thing that seems to be the thing that women do.

‘Do not get into a conversation about sex, do not get into video sex or anything like that. It seems to be par for the course these days for people online. I didn’t do it.

‘Don’t go there. My advice would be if that’s what they’re angling for you say “sorry I don’t do that” and you’ll find out quick enough if they’re interested in you as a person,’ she said.

Liveline listeners shared their online dating tales to Joe Duffy. Pic: Shutterstock

Joe went on to speak to a man named Seamus who feels that men get unfair criticism when it comes to lying on dating app profiles.

He explained: ‘Women are always giving out about men with their photos out of date. I find a lot of women, their photos are way out of date. I was at a date recently and I didn’t recognise the woman from the photo.

‘The only thing I recognised about her was her eyes… We just went for a walk and that was it… I suppose most people are afraid to take a video call but I would say that’s probably the best way because I’ve travelled distances to meet people and we’re probably both disappointed.

One person emphasised the importance of video calling before your date. Photo: Getty.

‘It’s very important that you know who you’re meeting and there’s probably no harm in having a video call, particularly if you’re going to meet someone down the country.

Later on in the programme, Anna, who has been dating online for ‘seven or eight years’, admitted to Joe that it’s hard to meet people outside of online dating.

‘A couple of three-month relationships but nothing long-term. Look it would be lovely to meet someone, I’m happy either way. I think probably organically getting out there is the only way, you could meet someone through friends.

Anna admitted it’s hard to meet people outside of dating apps. Pic: Getty Images

‘I’m not a big pub-goer so it’s hard to know where to go to meet people now,’ she said.

PJ from Tipperary claimed the answer for ‘all the people looking for a partner’ is social dancing as he emphasised the importance of trying something new.

‘Do not sext’ – Liveline listeners explain the world of online dating to Joe Duffy

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