My ex is dating someone who looks like me

DEAR HARRIETTE: My ex is dating someone who looks exactly like me.

Harriette Cole 

I know that it is common to have preferences when it comes to appearance, but I think that it is strange for him to date a woman who looks so similar to me. Several people have pointed out our similarities.

I know that it doesn’t have much to do with me, but it is so obvious that I feel the need to say something to my ex about it. Should I mention it? Is it wrong that I am bothered by this?


DEAR SIMILARITIES: Don’t fall into whatever trap your ex is setting for you or himself.

Sure, people can have a type. If you are his template, let him keep searching for replicas of you, but don’t get caught up in his drama. That woman is not you. She has nothing to do with you. Leave it at that.

When other people point out the obvious — that she is your lookalike — shrug it off. Do not engage in gossip about the two of them. You don’t know her, and his relationship is none of your business.

Harriette Cole: My ex is dating someone who looks like me, and people are talking

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