Why Fans Think Daisy & Gary Are Dating

Fans of Below Deck Sailing Yacht can’t seem to kick the idea that Daisy Kelliher and Gary King are dating one another after filming season 3.

Followers of Below Deck Sailing Yacht can’t seem to ignore the romantic tension built up between Daisy Kelliher and Gary King even though they still deny they are a couple. Even though the rumor mill has been working overtime, the two yachties are still not a couple. However, Bravo fans are still keeping their fingers crossed that these two co-stars will get together one day.

Gary first met Daisy when he worked as the first mate during BDSY season 2, and she worked as the chief stew. BDSY season 3 is in full swing, and Gary is up to his old ways of making all the women on the vessel fall in love with him. It seems that both Daisy and Gary played up their close relationship with the media back in February after a trip to Disneyland. The two snapped photos together, with Gary even sharing a video seemingly confirming their relationship. Sadly, it all seemed to be a PR stunt to trick fans into thinking they were together.


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Even though Bravo viewers may have been duped, some still can’t kick the feeling that Daisy and Gary are together. The two can often be seen on one another’s social media, either commenting or taking snaps together. After Daisy and Gary shared a hot tub make-out session during the second episode of BDSY season 3, it has been difficult for fans to imagine Daisy and Gary not in a relationship. Daisy, for her part, has tried to put the gossip to bed once and for all. The chief stew took to her own social media to address their love affair, noting she and Gary and just “good friends.”

It didn’t help squash the rumors when the newest deckhand on Parsifal III, Barnaby Birkbeck, posted a photo of the duo on social media, noting it was great to see the “gorgeous couple” in London. Gary and Daisy have been seen galavanting all around England together and don’t hold back on sharing their cute photos. To Bravo viewers, Daisy and Gary would be the perfect reality TV couple; however, it seems they will never be more than simply good friends and co-workers.

Love may not be in the air for Daisy and Gary yet, but it could happen in the future. As BDSY fans know, Gary has a way with women and often causes more than one woman on board to lust after him. Daisy could be interested in him one day, despite her saying multiple times she has zero romantic feelings for Gary. Some of Daisy’s stews also hinted that they feel their boss may have a crush on the first mate, but only time will tell if the two will get together one day.

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Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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